Reclaim the Earth

Capitalism’s in-built need to expand in order to make a profit has created the current climate catastrophe. How can socialists and climate activists work together to reclaim the earth and live in an ecologically and politically sustainable way? Join us on Monday May 9 at 7pm as we’ll discuss these important issues: Rhian Jones is the author of ‘Paint the Town Red’ and explains how local councils and communities are increasingly self-organising against multinational corporations; John Bellamy Foster, author of ‘Marx’s Ecology. Materialism and Nature’ is a supporter of ‘Science Rebellion’ and discusses why Marx’s writing on nature should be taken more seriously Ex-Labour MP Alan Simpson (green adviser to Jeremy Corbyn) looks at the Green New Deal and the limitations of Keir Starmer’s ecological programme. Anthropologist Jerome Lewis will explain how people used to live in harmony with nature throughout history  Marxist economist Michael Roberts looks at capitalism’s feeble attempts to avert the climate catastrophe. We’re also hearing from a speaker from Just Stop Oil!
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