Class War

The attempts to force us into ‘national unity’ over the death of the queen is one way the ruling class is trying to paper over the fact that there is a class war raging into today’s society – and it is heating up! Liz Truss has already launched attacks on the trade union movement and refugees, while her proposed tax cuts chiefly benefit the rich and leave the energy companies and their billions of pounds of profits untouched. The gap between the rich and the poor will only increase in this period of capitalist decline – and with the revival of trade union militancy, the ruling class is getting ready for a big confrontation with the organised working class. We are joined by – Asa Winstanley who is analysing the Tories’ attacks on free speech and alternative media and the tightly controlled media output over the queen’s death – Terry Conway (LRC) will be looking at the fightback of the unions – Fréa Lockley (anti-capitalist researcher at Corporate Watch) and Emily Apple (Communications co-ordinator at Netpol and editor at The Canary) are discussing how the various pieces of new legislation are designed to shut down all protests – and what we can do about it.

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