What’s going on with Momentum?

Asking what’s going wrong – or right – with Momentum is a fundamental part of reorganising the left. Join us on Monday evening to discuss some of the issues: *** JACKIE WALKER and GRAHAM BASH discuss the rise of Momentum, the ‘Lansman coup’ of January 2017 and the attempt to set up Grassroots Momentum *** MIKE CUSHMAN defends NEC candidate and fellow member of Jewish Voice for Labour Naomi Wimborne Idrissi, who has been dropped by the new Momentum NCG *** STEVE PRICE discusses the future of the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance *** STEPHEN MARKS speaks about his experience with Momentum as an NCC candidate and the prospects for the future *** We are also also joined by Momentum members from around the country.

Have your Say: Where is Momentum going?

We were discussing some of the controversial issues that were raised during last week’s show on Momentum – one of our biggest shows so far. ** Is it a “diversion” to talk about Momentum when people don’t know how to pay their bills? ** Is Momentum right to put pledges to some candidates and refuse support for Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi? Or are such pledges always a negative instrument? ** What does Jon Lansman’s attempt to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party say about his method of organising the left? ** How can we rebuild the left after the defeat of the Corbyn movement? ** and anything else you think worthwhile discussing.

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