We expected tonight’s show ‘TRANS’ to make some waves, after all much of the left has been avoiding discussing anything to do with the issue for years. But honestly, even we were rather surprised by the level of, let’s call it ‘passion’, expressed on social media about the programme, by people from a number of political perspectives.
We are still doing the show, of course! We don’t believe in no-platforming people we might not agree with us on this or that issue (we have plenty of disagreements among the five people on our editorial group!). Quite the opposite, we believe socialists have to develop a strong and robust culture of open debate. That is incredibly important if we want to win over the majority of the working class to the project of fighting for socialism. We are also quite aware that once we are close to challenging for power, the ruling class will likely want to hurt us with a lot more than just words…
So we are very much looking forward to tonight’s show, which we hope will bring political clarity and a better understanding. We want to ask some of the questions that many socialists and left-wingers feel afraid to. Come along to join us!
– We’re hearing from a transgender woman and two gender fluid young people about their journeys and experiences
– We’ll be exploring the diverse anthropology of gender fluidity with the help of Dr Camilla Power
– We’re discussing with Esther Giles and Sheeren Benjamin of the University of Edinburgh the need for free speech, why some radical feminists emphasise the difference between gender and the question of ‘single sex spaces’
– LGBT veteran Teddy Brown will be looking at the many problems and aspects to conversion therapy
– We’re also looking at gender fluidity throughout history and Ray Goodspeed (author, Left Horizons) will be giving an overview of the current legal, political and social situation for trans people
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