Corbyn: Where did it all go wrong?

Jeremy Corbyn went from one of the biggest political outsiders of all time, to almost becoming the prime minister and ended up being suspended as an MP for his own party. What went wrong?

We spoke to Graham Bash and former Labour MP Alan Simpson about some of the problems in Corbyn’s office.

We asked David Renton, author ‘Labour’s Antisemitism Crisis: What the Left got wrong’ if he has underestimated the manufactured nature of the so-called ‘antisemitism crisis’.

We discussed with Greg Philo of the Glasgow Media Group and Simon “It Was A Scam” Maggin what role the media played in Corbyn’s defeat.

Chris Williamson and Greg Hadfield looked back at the leaked report and what it tells us about the external and internal factors that brought down Corbyn.

Red Line TV is presented by Jackie Walker, Graham Bash and Tina Werkmann.

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