We discussed a number of important issues around the war in Ukraine that the mainstream media simply will not touch. Jackie Walker and Tina Werkmann presented a programme packed with discussions and debates:

* We asked Simon Pirani, author of ‘Change in Putin’s Russia’, if Russia is an imperialist country and – if not – does that mean it is the lesser evil?

* Tayo Aluko (politically active writer, producer, actor and singer) discussed issue of racism in the UK, Europe and the US in the reporting of Ukraine and racism against black refugees in Ukraine

* Andrew Feinstein (former MP in South Africa) and Yassamine Mather (Hands off the People of Iran) debated if sanctions can play a useful role in bringing the war to an end

* Yurii Sheliazhenko of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement if Ukrainians explained that that Ukrainians are from united behind President Zelensky

* We discussed the issue of self-determination for the Donbass region and the Minsk 2 agreement with independent socialist Richard Brenner

* Plus, we discussed the tasks for socialists and concepts like ‘The main enemy is at home’ with Graham Bash, former editor of Labour Briefing magazine.


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